Library Board

Board meetings are scheduled on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the library. If you are interested in attending a board meeting, call the library to confirm the date.

Board Members

Chair Wally Bergen
Vice-Chair Kay MacKenzie
Treasurer Kay MacKenzie
Policy Committee Bruce Hutchinson
Marketing Committee Dan Mesec
New Building Committee Paul Parry
Friends of the Smithers Library Liaison
Lorraine Doiron
Northwest Library Federation Representative Bernice Szydlik
Directors-at-Large Jim Pojar, Jennifer Wickham
Smithers Council Representative John Buikema






Board Meeting Minutes & Related Documents


Meet our board members:

Wally croppedWally Bergen

Wally has had a long interest in Libraries dating back to 1985 when he joined the Cariboo/Thompson Library system as a Library Board Trustee.  His interest stems from the belief that Libraries expand our lives through fiction and non-fiction.  They are places of creativity, exploration, learning, relaxation, fun, family, self-improvement, and much more.



John croppedJohn Buikema

I am serving as the Smithers Council Representative to the Library Board. I joined this group because I have always loved books, loved learning, and loved libraries. I also see this as an opportunity to serve my local community. I have previously served on a number of volunteer boards or committees and it is my hope to serve well.



Lorraine croppedLorraine Doiron

I have been a fan of libraries since I could read. Books are my “drug” of choice. The smell of a book, the feel of a book, just holding it. Being a Library Board Trustee is a dream come true. I will always support this library, to see it continue to grow into a library for the future.




Bruce Hutchinson photoBruce Hutchinson

Bruce has been a life long library addict. He enjoys the challenge of either a new or an old book and discovering new authors and insights. He admires and looks forward to the changing role of libraries and their impact on all members of our community.




Kay croppedKay MacKenzie

Kay joined the library board as a way of getting more involved in the community she grew up in. Her interest and involvement in libraries has changed over the years, much as her hometown library has changed and grown since she left town and moved back. She is proud to see how the library has expanded, and is excited to be a part of planning for a new library.


Paul Parry photoPaul G. Parry

Paul holds a Master’s degree in Library Science from Lakehead University, managed the Audio Library for the Music Program at the University of Guelph, and served as the manager of Kelly’s Stereo/Audio Video Unlimited for 25 years in Smithers. He has been a trustee on the Smithers Public Library Board and Friends of the Smithers Library Board for over 8 years. Paul sees being an advocate for the Smithers Public Library as a requirement for personal and community advancement.


Jim Pojar

Jim has always been a big fan of libraries as sources of information, education, enjoyment, inspiration, and as egalitarian social and cultural community assets. The Library is a linchpin of Smithers and is now on the threshold of an even greater role in the life of the town. Jim is a mostly retired researcher, forest ecologist, and author (of plant guides). He has experience serving on several boards over the years, including the School Board in the 1990s. In retirement, he has sufficient time and energy to devote to Library governance and to important initiatives like the Library-Gallery Project.